Okay, here I am, doing one of the things I decided to use medium for — taking notes/ opinating on things I’m reading.

This is about Biden’s campaign manager.

She’s Irish-American. Really data focused — and therefore wasn’t worried in the days between Nov 3rd and 7th, when she delviered…

Consumption, passive consumption and production of media, thoughts and ideas

Something I think about sometimes is the way in which I olften consumer media. I, as well as a whole lot of other people I imagine, generally consume a lot of media in my newsfeed on social media, in a…

Here I am, typing on medium for the first time, just for me. I hope to use this as a way to organise my thoughts and my continued learning. An antidote to the mindless scroll causing my (and everyone else’s) attention span to run into the ground.

A new years…


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